MEAN Stack – AngularJS Models in Bootstrap Forms – Day 12

The MEAN Challenge Continues!

This video is part of the 30 Day MEAN Stack Honolulu Challenge

In this video we’ll take the changes that we’ve made to the Angular Customers controller, and start mapping the Angular Model to the Create Customer Page. We also begin to style our Create Customer Page based on our Wireframes.

We look at:
– The Yo generated Create Customer Page, and how we find it using the Angular Routes
– Why the page wouldn’t work because we removed the ‘name’ field from our Schema
– Identify the required bootstrap grid based on our wireframes
– Begin to style the Create Customer Page based on our wireframes
– Some tips and tricks on styling Bootstrap for mobile devices
– We map the Angular customer model to our inputs

The functional design post mentioned in this video with the use case, storyboard and wireframes can be found here: Home Page Design.

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