Welcome to Bossable!

Bossable was started as a side-project in mid 2014 to encourage and assist women with a friendly intro to web app design and development.

Since its humble beginnings as a little blog with a few videos and tutorials, it has continued to flourish into a wonderful little community. Recently eclipsing 600,000 views of the Bossable site, AND 600,000 views of the YouTube videos! WOW!!

A huge thank-you to everyone who has taken out a bit of their time to watch a video, read a post, or leave one of the thousands of comments received so far!

If you need a hand with your app design or development, get in touch. We do a lot of remote work, and should be able to help you out, with mean stack apps, or other web or app needs.

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So, how do we encourage more women to get into Tech?

This is a question that I hear at almost every meetup or startup event that I go to.

To encourage more women to get into Tech, the women who are already in the industry need to make it easier and more inviting.

So this ⌊bossable⌉ is my attempt at doing just that.

After living life as a designer and solution architect, I started to self-learn how to code in Dec 2013. I built and sold my first web-app in the first month.

One of the first things I learnt about web development was that: with technology and languages adapting and changing all the time, there is little need to memorise code.

Focus on the frameworks and the structure of how things work, and understand what works best for you. The hardest part of web development is not knowing where to start. But, the thing is, anyone can learn how to code.

This doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It can be frustrating, and annoying, and even the smallest things like commas, and lowercase vs. uppercase characters, and semi-colons will trip you up. But the more you do, the more patterns you’ll notice, and faster you’ll get. And then when the next single quote tries to trip you, you’ll ninja roll like a parkour expert.

Shristi from Bossable.com

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