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The Mean Stack Extended Source Files

The downloads (M.E.A.N and M.E.A.N 0.4) contain a full app structure of the app that we created during the 30 day MEAN Stack Honolulu Challenge, PLUS the following updates: Extended bits include:

  1. The Update Customer Modal controllers have been updated so that when updates are made within the modal, they are only reflected on the Customer List view when the save button is selected (changes wont appear when the modal is cancelled)
  2. The Customer CSS file has been updated to include media queries (responsive breakpoints) for mobile, tablet and desktop formats
  3. The Customer Controller file has been split into clean controller and directive files
  4. The Notify Service has been split into it’s own file


Once you download a source zip file, do the following:

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Open your command line utility and ‘cd’ into the location that the file is sitting
  3. $ npm install
  4. $ bower install
  5. Set up MongoDB
  6. $ grunt

You should now have a copy of the MEAN app up and running with the contents of the downloaded file.

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