AngularJS Material Design Side Project Sneak Peak

I’ve been playing around with Angular Material a lot lately, and I’ve been really impressed with how easy it is to create pretty web apps, (once you get the hang of it).

There are so many cool things that I’d like to share, but I don’t know where to begin! So in this video, I’ll take you through my latest side project, and show you the types of things that are possible.

We look at:

  • Grid blocks with transitions
  • Toolbars
  • Share buttons
  • Full length columns and content areas
  • Angular filters with CSS transitions
  • Floating fab buttons
  • Bottom sheets for context sensitive menus
  • Themes and colours with hues
  • Floating options buttons
  • Collapsable sidebar
  • Angular form fields
  • Profile areas with centered content
  • More grid transitions
  • Centred, full length whiteframes
  • Tabs!

So, the question is, what would you like to learn about next?


Let me know what you think

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