MEAN Stack – Client & Server Glue – Day 11

The MEAN Challenge Continues!

This video is part of the 30 Day MEAN Stack Honolulu Challenge

In this video we’ll update the customers model, and look at how the model links through the various files and down to the angular customer controller. Then we’ll start making some updates to our angular controller.

We look at:
– Quick updates to the Customers Model
– The glue between the Customers Server Model and the Customers Server Controller
– The glue between the Customers Server Controller and the Server Routes
– The glue between the Server Routes and the Angular Factory Service
– The glue between the Angular Customers Factory Service and the Angular Customers Controller
– Lastly, we update the create function within the Angular Customers Controller to include the data that we want to pass to our Customers Server Model

The functional design post mentioned in this video with the use case, storyboard and wireframes can be found here: Home Page Design.

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  • MD.Borhan Safa

    I have been following your MEAN stack tutorial from the beginning. Although I have installed the latest version of Meanjs Generator which was 0.4.2. The entire project structure was a bit different from your tutorial but I managed to work on my project along with your tutorial. But at this Day 11 episode, I could not find any function as create and redirect after save at customers.client.controller.js file. Below there is a section where “// TODO: move create/update logic to service” is written. But I have no idea what did it mean. I tried to write the missing field $scope.create function from your video. Since then grunt is showing me error. Errors are like Customers is not defined, $location is not defined… I need your advice what could be the solution for this problem. I am stuck with this problem and could not continue further. I would appreciate you if you could reply me with possible solution.