I posted a ‘getting started with the MEAN Stack‘ video on Youtube (my first tutorial video) a few days ago, and I’ve been really excited with the positive feedback. I’ve gotten some amazing support!

In that video, and the accompanying post, I did say that I would follow it up with a guide to building a web app with the mean.js stack.

I’ve spent a couple of days thinking about how I might do this, and writing a huge post with a long video didn’t sound all that exciting (for you or me). So, I started thinking of other ways that I could do this. I landed on the idea that to make it a little more interesting and fun, I’d set myself a challenge.

The Challenge

What kind of challenge you ask? It’s a challenge for both of us. One where I’ll show you how to use the MEAN Stack to create your very own MEAN app. And, you’ll get a chance to build a real web-app using the MEAN Stack, by spending a few minutes working on the app everyday.

You’ll get much more familiar with the stack, and I’ll hopefully get a chance to check out the cool app you make at the end, win-win!

What day is it?

Ideally, I would have thought about this yesterday given it was the first of September, but guess what? It’s still Monday, 1st of September right now in Honolulu!

Here’s proof!


The MEAN App Challenge begins

It would only be right then, that this challenge is run for 30 days based on Honolulu time.

Everyday, I’ll post something that you can do with your MEAN app, in less than 15 minutes. By the end of the month, we should have a working, hosted MEAN app!

As RedFoo would say “YEAH BABY!”

How does that sound? I’d love to see what you do!

Let’s do this!

Here is everything that you need to create a super duper app using the mean stack

Getting started with the MEAN stack (the install guide)

  1. Overview of the MEAN.js Stack App Structure – Day 1
  2. MEAN Stack – Intro to Bootstrap – Day 2
  3. MEAN Stack – Style the Homepage – Day 3
  4. MEAN Stack – Hello Angular – Day 4
  5. MEAN Stack – Login with Facebook – Day 5
  6. MEAN Stack – Bootstrap the Login Page – Day 6
  7. MEAN Stack – Style the Login Page – Day 7
  8. MEAN Stack – Style the Sign-up Page – Day 8
  9. MEAN Stack – Yo, make a Customer Module – Day 9
  10. MEAN Stack – Modelling with Mongoose – Day 10
  11. MEAN Stack – Client & Server Glue – Day 11
  12. MEAN Stack – Bootstrap the Create Customer Page – Day 12
  13. MEAN Stack – Style the Create Customer Page – Day 13
  14. MEAN Stack – Mongo Explorer & AngularJS Batarang – Day 14
  15. MEAN Stack – MongoDB Queries & AngularJS Scope – Day 15
  16. MEAN Stack – AngularJS Scope & Controllers – Day 16
  17. MEAN Stack – Listing Customers with AngularJS & Bootstrap – Day 17
  18. MEAN Stack – Customer Search using AngularJS Filters – Day 18
  19. MEAN Stack – Using an Angular UI Modal to Update Customers – Day 19
  20. MEAN Stack – Pass Customer Details to an Angular UI Modal – Day 20
  21. MEAN Stack – Styling our Angular UI Customer Update Modal – Day 21
  22. MEAN Stack – Save data with an AngularJS Modal – Day 22
  23. MEAN Stack – Modal Styling & AngularJS Form Validation – Day 23
  24. MEAN Stack – Custom tags with AngularJS directives – Day 24
  25. MEAN Stack – Create Customer AngularJS Modal – Day 25
  26. MEAN Stack – Style our AngularJS Create Modal & Delete Customers – Day 26
  27. MEAN Stack – AngularJS Notification Service – Day 27
  28. MEAN Stack – Answering Q’s with CSS & AngularJS directives – Day 28
  29. MEAN Stack – Express.js & Client-side Assets – Day 29
  30. MEAN Stack – Lets deploy our App! – Day 30
  31. MEAN Stack – Deploy to Heroku – Day 30(i)

The 30 Day MEAN Stack Honolulu Challenge


Let me know what you think

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