MEAN Stack – Side by Side with Version 0.4.0

In this video we’ll compare the current version of MEAN.js and the upcoming version of the MEAN Stack to get an overview of the new folder structure as part of a sneak peak into version 0.4.0!

I’ve created a sample project for MEAN.js 0.4.0 using the code from the 30 Day MEAN Stack Honolulu challenge and will be posting some videos to take you through the upgrade process shortly (once the 0.4.0 generator is stable).

If you’re super keen to check out the code from the challenge in the 0.4.0 structure, you can find the updated MEANjs 0.4.0 sample here (this is a paid download).

Below are some additional screenshots to summarise the overview video:

  • We have a few additional core files, including the ability to use gulp!


  • The public folder has been split, with modules venturing out into their very own folder.


  • The App folder has disappeared, with its contents neatly distributed to the relevant modules.


  • The Config folder has been split, with a focus on granularity.


  • The passport strategies have been neatly tucked into the users module with the rest of the authentication and authorisation related code.


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  • sean

    Also, while I love that your videos are free, I suspect they take a fair bit of time to put together and you definitely deserve compensation for all that effort. Have you considered working with organizations like[1] to distribute your material to a larger audience and get paid for your efforts?

    [1] I have no affiliation, but your combination of video with a corresponding blog entry reminded me of them.

  • sean

    Can an existing app, built with 0.3.0, be upgraded to version 0.4.0?

    If so, how?

    If not, do you have any insider knowledge on when version 0.4.0 supposed to be released? (Since I saw “0.4.0 Release Notes” this weekend, so I honestly thought the version I downloaded subsequently was 0.4.x. When it wasn’t, I started trying to figure out why I didn’t get the version mentioned in the Release Notes. Turns out the “0.4.0 Release Notes” were posted in mid-November, mention Angular 1.3 breaks meanjs 0.4 and once fixed then 0.4 will actually be released. But I can find even an estimate of a release date. And, in github, when I switch to the 0.4-dev branch, it is clearly marked, “This branch is under heavy development, and is broken.”)

    • bossable

      Hey Sean,
      Because the structures are different, there’s no easy way to upgrade between 0.3.x to 0.4.0 without installing 0.4.0 and moving across the files and folders.
      The core mean.js contributors have been super busy, so the 0.4.0 branch has lagged a bit. The focus is still on getting 0.4.0 ready, it’s just slowed down a bit and there is no date yet. I’ll keep following up.

      Having said that, I’ve been using the 0.4.0 branch for a few weeks now without any real issues.

    • sean

      Thank you for the reply (and great intro videos to the meanjs stack)!

      Is the 0.4.0 structure stable enough that a project made with the current version could be automatically upgraded as the generator was upgraded?

      I’m not seeing any way to tell what are 0.3.x issues versus 0.4.x issues on the repo ( Is there something I’m missing?

    • bossable

      Hey Sean,

      If you create a project with the current generator, and the generator is updated, you’ll still be able to use the updated generator in your project. However, because the core files are created on app creation, and not changed by the generator, if you wanted to update the core files in an existing project, that would be more of a manual process, (at this stage, however it is something that is being considered for automation).
      I don’t think you’re missing anything with the repo issues, they relate to a mixture of 0.3 and 0.4 items.